Original White Hart HotelWe try to be a club that offers variety. For example, meeting in a pub, our Monday club evenings are to the side of the busy bar area with all the atmosphere that involves. We do not currently run club tournaments, but nevertheless there is an opportunity to play games against players of varying strengths and these can be taken seriously. But essentially, this is more social chess, or what in different settings is sometimes called “café chess”. But as explained elsewhere on this website, we play league games and these take part in a quieter area upstairs in the Breakfast Room. This is obviously more serious chess, played with clocks and matches start at 7.30pm and finish at 10pm. Teams are 4 or 5 players depending on which league. We play about 50 league matches a year, half at home and half away. Many matches away are in the Bournemouth area, but in the Southampton League the journeys are sometimes further afield to places like Fareham and Basingstoke.
Although this website lists fixtures and results, the details of matches are on the Dorset County Chess Association website. The club are long established members of Dorset Chess Association, the Bournemouth & District Chess League and also the Southampton Chess League.
So summing up we hopefully offer something for most chess players – from the informal and friendly in the bar area with a drink, to the more serious with league matches.

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